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A Non-profit Empowering Communities With Wealth Management

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What we do 

The city of Atlanta is among the top in the country for economic immobility and income inequality. For instance, the average wage gap preceding COVID-19 for a white family is 7.8 times greater than that of a black family (Brookings, 2020). We understand that socioeconomic disparities are a root cause of poorer public health systems, high crime rates, and increased unemployment rates. We believe that the best way to avoid these consequences is by expanding the availability of financial resources, knowledge, and tools. These same adversities birthed the need for P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc.

At P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc., we leverage our time, energy, knowledge, and experiences to bring resources to the community we serve and empower its members to fulfill their everyday needs. We offer programs that enhance their financial literacy and planning, raise their self-confidence to navigate complex life demands, and boost the socioeconomic status of their families. Our approach is centered on the need to ensure everyone sustains a financially independent life.


Our mission is to create financial literacy, awareness, and education for under-severed communities.


Our vision is to be the champion of the socioeconomic empowerment of under-served communities in Atlanta’s West End community.

Core Values

- Inclusivity

We strive to empower all people and families in underserved communities without racial, ethnic, or political biases.

- Advocacy

We further our mission by influencing and contributing to policies that help under-privileged communities in the West End of Atlanta overcome socioeconomic inequality. 

- Responsibility

We insist on accelerating our mission by developing the best practices to address our communities' financial literacy and planning needs.

- Collaboration

We are committed to boosting our performance by creating long-lasting and mutual partnerships with empowerment-oriented organizations and individuals

Our Services 

Financial Literacy

Personal Development

Job Readiness

Professional Etiquette

MEET OUR Founder

WHO IS Adrienne

Executive Director

Adrienne is a life-time native of Atlanta and has always had the internal drive and possessed the entrepreneurial spirit. After experiencing a few personal and financial hardships, she was forced to make a decision that would adversely affect her family. As a single parent she faced seemingly insurmountable challenges. Lacking basic resources that were integral of a marginalized community, she stayed steadfast and focused on providing for her family. Adrienne has always been passionate about being a servant of the community and an advocate for the women and children of those underserved communities. With that fortitude and zeal, she decided to service the community by way of a smalltax and consulting business.

Since its inception,EZ Money Tax Solutions has serviced over 400 families of the greater Metropolitan Atlanta area. Adrienne has dedicated her life to providing educational spaces that support and elevate the fight for equality, inclusion, advancement and empowerment for all.  

Phone: (404) 301-9989

Meet Our Team

Give Us A Helping Hand 

We strive to educate families, so that they will have the self-confidence to navigate the complex road to financial empowerment. P.O.W.E.R. Atlanta Inc. also provides classes on personal development, job readiness, and basic professional etiquette.

There is a myriad of ways to contribute to the P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc. community cause. We invite you to become an integral part in the advancement of our community. Donations can be made as a one-time gift or with monthly recurring contributions.

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