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Michelle Pleasant


Her Story

Shantella Michelle is an inspiring philanthropist with a rich background in entrepreneurship and financial wellness. She has been a licensed REALTOR®/Broker for over 17 years in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arizona and Dominican Republic. She continues to share her vast knowledge with Realtors and also educating the community about homeownership.

She is a zealous leader who draws happiness from teamwork Shantella Michelle plays a crucial role in issuing notices, scheduling meetings, and fostering communication among internal and external stakeholders. She maintains the organization’s records. She is also responsible for ensuring the P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc. meets legal requirements.

Shantella Michelle's vision in the community is to always make sure everyone has the resources and tools to succeed in this world and accomplish whatever they put their mind to, because Mindset Matters.

Her motto is "Nothing Comes To A Sleeper But A Dream" and Always keep God as the center and source of all that you do in life.

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