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Exclusive Services

At P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc., we leverage our time, energy, knowledge, and experiences to bring resources to the community we serve and empower its members to fulfill their everyday needs. We offer programs that enhance their financial literacy and planning, raise their self-confidence to navigate complex life demands, and boost the socio-economic status of their families. Our approach is centered on the need to ensure everyone sustains a financially independent life.

Financial Literacy

At P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc., we believe that the first step towards empowering the community and driving inclusive economic growth is helping families make better financial decisions, actions and behaviors. This way, they avoid wasting vital resources that are at their disposal. They also find new and innovative ways to live out their dreams.

We are committed to creating an environment that allows under-attended communities in the West End of Atlanta to participate in the economy. We provide resources, opportunities, and training programs to help families and individuals navigate complex financial scenarios. We believe our approach is instrumental in enabling them to realize their personal, family, and community financial goals. We offer training on basic budgeting, savings and planning, investment options, and credit scores and reports


Personal Development

Personal development is at the core of financial growth and progression of an individual. This gives them the tools to identify and set goals, reenergize their dreams, and discover their financial strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it builds their skills, knowledge and awareness, which are essential for self-improvement. We provide personal development training to help the members of the community gain essential skills and strategies that will ignite their curiosity. The training covers self-discipline, time management, decision-making, emotion management, problem-solving, and adaptability.


Job Readiness

In today’s society, individuals seeking employment must possess not only expertise but self-confidence. We understand that employers are looking for candidates that can add value by sustaining the organization’s value propositions, social posture, and quality service delivery. We strive to help members of the community materialize their career dreams by equipping them with relevant job readiness skills. We focus on enhancing their communication skills, expanding their critical thinking capacity, and build upon their problem-solving and decision makings skills. We also train on how to update and maintain a current resume by correctly capturing their employment history, and educational background in relation to job requisitions.


Professional Etiquette

Besides professional qualifications, we believe that employees must understand professional. Professional etiquette cultivates an atmosphere of mutual-respect, dignity, and honesty. It drives customer satisfaction as well as job engagement. These small but vital intangible qualities in an employee can help them manage professional relationships and conduct in the workplace.

Let's Work Together

Our vision is to be the champion of the socio-economic empowerment of under-served communities in Atlanta’s West End community.

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